We Asked for Fascinating Stories of Lockdown Abroad. And Wow, Did We Get Them

(Fodor’s) I’m at my apartment in Buenos Aires, and just finished working on a book I’m co-writing. And while I’m used to working from home, I’m not used to being at home for such a prolonged period. Argentina has been officially on lockdown since March 20, though I’ve been practicing social distancing since March 14. My upcoming trips to Peru, Ecuador, Mendoza, and Rió Negro wine regions have also been postponed.

While I’ve been appreciating the downtime, I’m ready to get back to work. I go to a lot of events in Buenos Aires (wine launches, restaurant openings, etc.) so even when I am home, I’m not in my house that often. But, no trips or events means no work, which is obviously concerning. And I miss seeing my friends and other journalists who I see regularly; especially friends who have become as close as family, which is important to me given that my own family is in the UK.

Henry. And Allan’s hand. Ph: SMW,

On the plus side, I am home with my partner Allan and cats Henry and Honey, and we’ve developed new routines, such as playing Rummikub every evening after supper and clapping at 9 p.m. with our neighbors from our balcony to show our appreciation for all the workers holding Argentina together.

I also miss the act of going somewhere; not necessarily for the first time as some places are now familiar, but simply the nuances and colors of a skyline, catching up with old friends from other countries or meeting new people, learning about cultures, and, of course, trying new ingredients and dishes, then sharing the flavors through my work. I realize I’ve been in a very privileged position–after all, I spent all of January in Peru researching the book and many people never get to be in another country for that length of time. But for the moment, when all I would like is to go for a jog in the local park, yearning to jet off somewhere is frivolous. It’s time to start reassessing.

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