New Extremes in Argentine Wine

(Fine Dining Lovers) Given that planting vineyards 1,200 metres above sea level is the norm, it’s fair to say that Argentina’s terroir harbours some of the world’s most elevated vineyards. But besides going Icarus-style ever closer to the sun, winemakers are pushing the limits in other ways too. Fine Dining Lovers met Matías Michelini, José Morales and Claudio Zucchino, who are […]

Behind the Bottle with South American Sommeliers

(Wine Enthusiast) It’s no secret that South America’s food and drink scene is diverse and delicious. But what might surprise wine lovers is that top establishments, those where one might expect to see a menu populated by Burgundy grand crus and vintage Champagne, instead choose to source bottlings from their home turf. Given that Argentina […]

Tasting at the top of the world

(Selector magazine) I’m in a ute driven by vintner Claudio Zucchino, bouncing along a stone track when Finca Moya, finally comes into view. At 3,329 metres above sea level, it is the world’s highest vineyard. Claudio’s cellar, housed in a disused mine 400 winding metres further up the mountain, shares the same accolade. That’s where we’re […]

Making food, not war in Lebanon

(Atlas of the Future) Souk el Tayeb’s story begins in 2004 at Beirut’s original open-air market. The very first of its kind in Lebanon, it did what farmers’ markets do – highlighted rural produce in the urban environment. Aptly-named (as ‘tayeb’ means ‘good’, ‘tasty’ and ‘good hearted’ in Arabic), ‘the good market’ has evolved into a […]

Peru on a Plate: A Culinary Guide to Lima

(Luxury Defined) Home to countless food markets, three establishments ranked on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 list, and a unique cuisine reflecting both the Amazon rainforest and Andes mountain range, Lima is a dream destination for gastronomy lovers. Add its property investment opportunities, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Here, Virgilio Martínez, owner […]

How a food activist revitalised Bolivia

(Atlas of the Future) Manq’a know that if you’re proud of your products and country – and try to make that pride contagious – you can improve working and living conditions for producers as well as create opportunities for hundreds of young people. So they’re making Bolivian gastronomy a driving force in development. When culinary entrepreneur […]