New takes on cachaça

(Drinks International) Sorrel Moseley-Williams finds bartenders experimenting to expand the use of Brazil’s national spirit beyond the Caipirinha.

Cachaça, Brazil’s favourite spirit – freshly-pressed sugarcane juice that’s fermented and distilled – is more commonly known as the base to the popular Caipirinha, but in fact Rabo de Galo is the Brazilian drink on everyone’s lips following a recent push to get it included on the International Bartenders’ Association classic cocktails list. Originally a two-ingredient concoction first created with cachaça and sweet vermouth in São Paulo, the additional measure of artichoke-based amaro Cynar has had a positive effect on the beverage that translates in Portuguese as Cock Tail, making it more acceptable to serious drinkers.

While Caipirinha will always be globally viewed as Brazil’s cocktail, Rabo de Galo offers a new take on Brazil and cachaça, says Peter Banks, founder and chief executive of Cachacier. “Rabo de Galo uses aged cachaça, which is something that many consumers aren’t familiar with, proving it isn’t just for Caipirinhas but that it’s more complex and has more to offer in terms of diverse flavours. It’s an exciting opportunity for aged cachaça to expand across the world and for drinkers to experience it in a different way.”

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