From Asia to Argentina: Meet the Chefs Spicing Up Buenos Aires

(Fine Dining Lovers) Given that two-thirds of all Argentines have either Italian or Spanish blood, it’s not surprising that European dishes (with hints of Middle Eastern and Jewish flavours) have long dominated food heritage in Argentina. But because of the South American country’s willingness to welcome migrants, a wave of Asian cuisines have been steadily landing kimchi, curries and ramen onto Buenos Aires’ dining tables. The capital is home to the barrio chino (Chinatown) in Belgrano, and barrio coreano (K Town) in Flores. A cluster of festivals – including Korean Hansik and Gastro Japo (pronounced hapoFood Week – keep Asian food in the spotlight. Meanwhile, Masterchef Celebrity Argentina has included three Asian guest chefs. 

Here, Fine Dining Lovers talks to some of the hottest names behind Buenos Aires’ flourishing Asian food scene.

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