20 of the world’s most influential chefs share their favourite foodie finds

(Condé Nast Traveller) Ana Roš, owner of Slovenia’s restaurant Hiša Franko, named World’s Best Female Chef in 2017, shares her top kitchen finds


‘Thai food has to be some of my favourite in the world – it’s colourful and intense, and goes from sweet to sour to spicy. While I don’t really cook with Thai ingredients, I’m amazed by the contrast of flavours. Prik jinda chillies are incredible – the hotter the better.’


Lisbon is the best city; I always buy fish in olive oil to take home. The technicolour tins are so pretty and Portuguese sardines and mackerel are such great quality that it’s worth keeping lots stored away.’


‘I usually round off a trip to Copenhagen at Mirabelle, a restaurant with its own bakery, so I can take sourdough home for my family. It’s different to the one we make at Hiša Franko due to the flour used and the high-temperature bake.’

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