Wine and Argentine cuisine

In a nation predominantly populated by European migrants, Argentina’s modern-day cuisine takes inspiration from various corners of the Old Continent.
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But no pairing works as well as English Hereford or Scottish Aberdeen Angus does, with southwest France’s rebuffed Côt.

Whether it’s short ribs, fillet, skirt steak or a sirloin strip grilled on the parrilla, succumbing to beef is inevitable in this meat eater’s paradise. And just as the aforementioned livestock have adopted the fertile pampas prairie as their own, Côt reinvented itself as Malbec – and found its place in the world.

From lofty Cafayate whose vineyards hit 2,500 meters above sea level (masl) to cool climate Río Negro and Neuquén in Patagonia, Malbec expresses these differing terroirs with relative ease.

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