The best cocktails for summer in Buenos Aires

The jacarandas are in bloom, the sun is back in business and Buenos Aires never looked so pretty. That means summer’s just around the corner, and to ensure the season isn’t marred by paper umbrellas ruining your cocktail’s aesthetic, I’ve taken the trouble to taste-test SS14/15’s hottest yet coolest brand-new cocktail lists just for you.

Waiting 4 the summer by Hernan Calliari

With 15 years’ drink-slinging experience, Gran Bar Danzón is undoubtedly at the top of its game. Helmed by head mixologist Hernán Calliari for the past four years, one must-drink on the Recoleta-based establishment’s SS14/15 menu is Waiting 4 The Summer. With a white rum and pineapple base, this cocktail is like sipping a Caribbean beach but without the annoying grains of sand. Hernán mashes up pineapple chunks before adding Bacardi Superior, lemon juice and white sugar.

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