Setting the pace

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.11.55Although there’s little need for the United Nations’ involvement, tango’s origins are often disputed territory given that Argentina and Uruguay both stake a claim: decisively, Buenos Aires hosts the annual World Tango Championship.

Although the genre – which includes lyrics and music as well as the intimate dance – was banned during Argentina’s 1976-1982 military dictatorship, its subsequent rebirth has made it more popular than ever. As Argentines across the class and age spectrum reclaim their heritage, brands aimed at the tango scene have flourished.

Any tanguera worth their salt who is looking for the perfect partner at a late-night milonga dance hall pays close attention to the esthetic, and naturally the true home of tango houses plenty of specialists. Some designers themselves dance, understanding that tango is an expression of individuality, while dancing in comfort is imperative.
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