Argentina’s Top Sommeliers

Agustina de Alba outside Aramburu restaurant.
Agustina de Alba outside Aramburu restaurant.
As grape harvests across Mendoza, Patagonia and the northwest provinces are in full motion, that can only mean one thing: it’s time for a new batch of wines to start reaching store shelves and restaurant cavas. And who can we trust for a solid opinion on floral aromas and tobacco notes? Sommeliers, that’s who. Some of Argentina’s top wine experts – already established or coming through the ranks – talk about their work in this flourishing industry.

Agustina de Alba was chosen as Argentina’s best sommelier in 2012 for the second consecutive year by the AAS and she works for Aramburu restaurant.

“So many times over the years, when I’ve handed over the wine list to customers, they’ve asked me: ‘are you the sommelier?’. I reply ‘yes’, and they continue, ‘but you’re young. How old are you?’ In the beginning, I used to say 18, today I say 25 but the question is always: ‘why did you decide to become a sommelier at such a young age?’

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