GrinGo StandUp Comedy in Buenos Aires

An Englishman, two American women and an Argentine of uncertain gender (their words, not mine) walk into a Buenos Aires bar… and take to the stage for a night of rip-roaring comedy and gags in English. That’s right, folks – the city that is home to the Tower of the English People and British-built railway tracks now hosts a weekly comedy night in the very same English language. Ladies and gentleman, I present GrinGo StandUp and its all-star international cast of comedians Ana Carolina, MC Francesca Fiorentini, Kate Sedgwick and Daniel Tunnard.

How did comedy in English, in Buenos Aires, come about? Producer Gabriel Grosvald, who has been producing standup in Spanish for six years, recalls that star turn, Argentine Ana Carolina, actually approached him.

For the rest of this story, please visit The Real Argentina.

Photo courtesy of Beatrice Murch.

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