Deep Mariano on BA live

Catch Deep Mariano’s set this Thursday, November 19, from 9pm on Urbana 89.5FM

This is his Top 10 from the Buenos Aires Herald.

1. First track I bought: Tim Burton’s Batman movie soundtrack by Prince (when I was a kid).

2. First place I played: Obs, a very nice pub in my hometown.

3. Best gig I’ve played: Creamfields 2008, at Cream Arena before Hernan Cattaneo or Sasha’s warm up in Warung Beach (Brazil).

4. Best gig I’ve been to: Radiohead in Buenos Aires 2009.

5. Favourite national artist and album: Artist: Lesbiano. Album: Artaud by Pescado Rabioso

6. Favourite international artist and album: Artist: Ramones. Album: Radiohead’s OK Computer.

7. Your number one DJ: Can’t choose between Hernan Cattaneo and Sasha.

8. Place to escape to for the weekend: Wherever my friends are.

9. Never leave home without: A bad haircut.

10. Ritual after a set: Most of the time I go back to the hotel, have breakfast, jump into shower and run to the airport to sleep on a plane.

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