An Argentine welcome for Zero 7?

The San Telmo venue
The San Telmo venue

I love it when a plan comes together and from what I can work out, I think I was the only hack in Argentina to chat to the British band Zero 7.

But here is an additional to what actually happened during the interview. The pair behind the electronic chill-out group, Henry and Sam, had a chat with me outside San Telmo’s La Trastienda on a gorgeously misleading Saturday afternoon.

A half-hour interview turned into a 90-minute chat about Buenos Aires, what to do and where to go as they were staying in town for a few extra days sin manager.

As we nattered about Personal Fest, the differences between a Spanish and Argentine accent and where to get a decent steak, two men sat down beside us and started to slyly move Henry’s laptop bag towards him. It looked as if they were moving it, but turned out they were trying to steal it.

Henry took charge and grabbed it back, saying “I’ll have that thank you,” loudly. The gruesome twosome continued to sit there, and as Henry and Sam then recounted how one of the band got robbed the day the 15-strong band and entourage arrived, none of us really took any notice of the two.

Until 10 minutes later, when one band member to whom we’d just sung happy birthday to, came up to us frantically looking for his bag. Clearly, the gruesome twosome had swiped it.

I felt like crap for not being alert enough, I live here after all and should be aware of this bullshit, but at the same time, the band had record label people around them who should have been looking out for them and their possessions. But I felt pretty useless.

I’ve had my bag swiped in London from under my nose, but I just hate the fact that they may have left Argentina thinking bad thoughts.

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