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Zero 7 played La Trastienda and Personal Fest in Buenos Aires
Zero 7 played La Trastienda and Personal Fest in Buenos Aires

A sneaky little email slipped into my inbox last Wednesday, and there, slap bang in the middle of all the blurb was an even sneakier little date involving British band Zero 7.

Having played the Personal Fest on Friday and following Saturday’s soundcheck at La Trastienda, main men Henry and Sam talked to the Herald over a beer and some empanadas about the festival experience, their latest album and the fame game.

This is the first time Zero 7 have played Buenos Aires and their turn at Personal was surprising for them. The phrase of the moment, TIA (This Is Argentina), springs to mind. Henry says: “It wasn’t quite what I expected as it wasn’t the usual experience of big festivals. It seemed quite separated. We arrived and about 50 people were in front of the stage, so we were slightly worried that no one was going to turn up. But once we started there were about 500 but I think Chic were playing at the same time somewhere in the distance. I could hear Good Times going on as we were doing a ballad. How can you compete? Surely everyone is going to want to dance to that!”

Full story on Thursday 22 October…

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