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Frederico De Souza

The Expat: Frederico De Souza

Moving from Brasilia to Mendoza with his diplomat mother, Frederico De Souza quickly made himself at home in the wine-producing province. The sommelier works at Lamadrid winery as a marketing director.

Emiliano Schobert  in focus mode.

Going for Bocuse gold

Bariloche-based chef Emiliano Schobert is set to fulfil a lifelong dream this month when he represents Argentina at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or in Lyon.

Colorado transplant Tess Thomas.

The Expat: Tess Thomas

Fresh from a breakup, and with no Spanish, no home or job, Colorado transplant Tess Thomas needed to sink or swim. Choosing the latter option, two years on she’s a recruiting and talent management consultant, in a new relationship and lives in Palermo Soho with her dogs Cooper and Bentley.

Julio Marín Camposano, executive chef at La Rosa Naútica, Buenos Aires.

The Expat: Julio Marín Camposano

As La Rosa Naútica restaurant is at the heart of Peruvian chef Julio Marín Camposano’s life, he even rallies his colleagues to play football, the kitchen against the salon, of course.

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Top of the chops

Who is the world’s most innovative chip off the (butcher’s) block? Check out my first article for Condé Nast Traveller…


Full belly, happy heart

Mendoza’s Fuente y Fonda isn’t about glamorous tasting menus — but what my Argentine abuela would whip up for her favourite granddaughter, if she existed.

Bariloche-based chef Emiliano Schobert in extreme focus mode.

The Expats: Liyanleth Carrillo and Ayaz Shah

After meeting in a Caracas café three years ago, Ayaz from Denmark and Liyanleth from Venezuela wed and started their married life in Liyanleth’s homeland. But a violent robbery led them to up sticks within a week to Buenos Aires. That was in June 2013 and they now run The Factory juice bar.