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An icy passage

There’s absolutely no chance you can pretend M/N Via Australis is Fitzroy’s Beagle. Still, the sights are almost the same, except for burning up fjords, Glacier Alley and arriving at Cape Horn in a Zodiac

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The Expat: Ciara McGonigal

When Ireland’s economy proved to be going nowhere fast during the global financial crisis, architect Ciara McGonigal decided there must be more to life beyond Dublin. Four years on, she’s still tempted by the Malbec and steak and has also built her first hotel.

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#CWWM The G spot

Wine Review: Rutini Gewürztraminer 2014, Bodega La Rural, Tupungato, Valle de Uco

“Oh, don’t get that Gewürztraminer,” said B. “I hate sweet wines.”

What? Stop. Rewind.

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The Expat: Pedro Peña

Starting culinary school the day he arrived from Colombia, Pedro Peña hasn’t stopped in nine years. On the verge of opening his very own boutique parrilla in Palermo, things aren’t likely to calm down any time soon.

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The Expat: Joanna Richardson

When visiting Argentina, Oxford transplant Joanna used to say she was French – but then again, it was 1984. These days, however, she can legitimately call herself Argentine after receiving citizenship last year.