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Super Uco winery.

#CWWM Uco is super

Me: What’s it like when you all get involved in making a wine?
Matías Michelini: Es un quilombo / We cause a commotion.
Super Uco winery in Uco Valley, Mendoza, opens this weekend.

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The Expat: Frederik Olsen

After working on London’s demanding club scene for many years, Frederik Olsen needed a change. Moving to Buenos Aires for love, he had time on his hands but used it wisely to fulfil a childhood dream – and become an artist.


Crossing the Andes by horseback

When Hugh MacDermott decided to cross the Andes on horseback from Argentina, almost every gaucho the Anglo-Irish horseman met warned that he and his steed Pancho Panza — a horse from the pancake-flat pampas that had never seen a hill in its life — wouldn’t make it.


The Expat: Claudia Piedrahita

While on a work placement in Mexico, Colombian marketing manager Claudia Piedrahita met her future husband, an Argentine from Mendoza. Moving to Argentina nine years ago, she now works for a prestigious winery and is a mother of three.